Vtomic Vtomic | Makes securing and recovering your data simple.

Simplify Your Backup & Recovery >_

We provide a dedicated onsite high-availability enterprise-class storage server that in addition to securely sending your data offsite for disaster recovery will step in if your primary file server ever goes poof.

Fully Managed Backups as a Service for:
1.5 Cents Per GB / Month

Fully Managed Local Array for Failover!
That price includes onsite & offsite backup!
100% Turnkey Onsite & Offsite Backup & Recovery

We're everything you never knew you always wanted backing up your data.

Business continuity pillars, onsite storage server, and offsite cloud storage for disaster recovery!

ZFS Filesystem

The filesystem is built on ZFS.
ZFS guarantees your data integrity.
ZFS is a true 128-bit identifier filesystem.

What is ZFS?

Secure Access

Data is accessed through SSH.
SSH enables security over the cloud.
You can use any SSH tools on your data.

How to SSH

Turnkey Fully Managed Onsite & Offsite Backup & Recovery

Vtomic makes managing your data simple.

HIPAA Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
HIPAA Compliant